Mia Li-3 Lithium Project

The 3,000-hectare Mia Li-3 Lithium Project is located approximately 15 km northwest of Q2 Metals Corp.’s (“Q2”) Mia Li-1 and Mia Li-2 projects (the “Mia Li-1 & 2 Projects”) in the James Bay region of Quebec. The Mia Li-3 Project is also directly adjacent to ground newly acquired by Q2 and presents a favourable opportunity for exploration on the same trend.

The westernmost mineral showings of the Mia Li-1 and 2 projects were sampled in 1997 by Quebec government geologists, and assays returned grades of 0.47 per cent Li2O and 2.27 per cent Li2O, respectively. Numerous pegmatite intrusions have been recorded along the 8.3-kilometre-long trend but were never followed up for their lithium potential. The 1959 report also details that the pegmatite dikes are as much as 100 feet (30.5 metres) in width and are commonly zoned, with spodumene crystals described as being as much as two feet (0.61 metre) in length. The southern half of the Mia Li-1 and 2 projects covers a northeast limb of the Vieux Comptoir granite and a concordant intrusive body described as a spodumene granite on Sigeom, the Quebec provincial government's geomining information system.

Gold Lion's Mia Li-3 lithium project also contains the Vieux Comptoir granite unit, an undifferentiated granite package that may contain phases of pegmatitic granite, k-feldspar granite and spodumene granite.

• Mia3 Lithium Property located upper James Bay
• Proximal to existing James Bay Lithium Deposits:

  • Mai Li1 and Mai Li 2 at 1.05% Li2O.
  • James Bay – Proven & Probable 37.2Mt at 1.3% Li2O
  • Rose – Probable Reserve – 26.8 Mt at 0.85% Li2O & 133ppm Ta2O5 o Whabouchi – Proven & Probable – 27.9Mt at 1.33% Li2O
  • Moblan – Proven & Probable – 10.7Mt at 1.40% Li2O

The Vieux Comptoir Granite unit (Avcr) was introduced by Goutier et al. (1999) to describe a package of granite intrusions that are not or slightly deformed, medium to coarse-grained, locally pegmatitic and poor in mafic minerals (less than 10% biotite and hornblende ± tourmaline ± garnet). These intrusions with a white to pinkish patina form numerous white hills visible in the landscape, on aerial photographs of the Sakami Lake area (Goutier et al., 2000) or on satellite images. The “Vieux Comptoir Granite” lithodeme was rose to the rank of a suite in 2017 with the name of “Vieux Comptoir Granitic Suite” as Géologie Québec’s mapping work after 2008 in sheets 33G, 33H and 23D showed the presence of these granites. This new designation, made when the unit was added to the Quebec Stratigraphic Lexicon, is based on the fact that this unit consists of several intrusions spread over a large area (13,650 km2) and over a distance of 530 km along an EW axis.

Informal units were defined as the geological mapping of the La Grande and Opinaca subprovinces evolved (Goutier et al., 1999, 2000; Gigon and Goutier, 2017; Goutier 2018; Burniaux et al., 2019; Gigon et al., 2020). Forming a whole, this granite unit was later split into informal units to highlight pegmatitic facies with different mineralogical assemblages.

The Vieux Comptoir Granitic Suite represents a package of syntectonic to late-tectonic granites present in the La Grande, Opinaca and Opatica subprovinces. These rocks are characterized by a usually pegmatitic texture, a granitic composition and the presence of biotite, muscovite, tourmaline and garnet. Locally, hornblende, beryl or spodumene are present. These granites usually cut the main foliation and migmatitic bands of the paragneiss of the Laguiche Complex. This suite is divided into three informal units that differ in composition, texture and structure.

Past Explorations:

1959 Quebec Government Report:

  • Mia Li-1 & 2 areas
  • Pegmatite dikes 100 feet/30 metres wide
  • Spodumene crystals 2 feet/0.6m length
  • Prospective Vieux Comptoir granite and a concordant intrusive body

1997 Quebec Government Sampling Program:

  • Mia Li-1 and 2 projects
  • LiO2 grades 0.47% and 2.27%
  • Numerous pegmatite intrusions along 8 km trend
  • Never followed up

Vieux Comptoir Granitic Suite (nAvcr): Undifferentiated Granite Package that may Contain Phases of Pegmatitic Granite, K- feldspar Granite and Spodumene Granite

Unit nAvcr is an undifferentiated package of granite, pegmatitic granite, K-feldspar granite and, more rarely, spodumene granite. It corresponds to the first units of the Vieux Comptoir Granite recognized during geological mapping of sheet 33F in the 1990s in the southern part of sheets 33F02, 33F03 and 33F04 (Goutier et al., 1999, 2000). This unit is used for naming granitic plutons of heterogeneous grain size which outcrop intensively and cannot be subdivided.

2023 Exploration:

  • Lithium Lion's Phase 1 field exploration commences in June.
  • Compilation of Quebec Government work.
  • (completed)
  • First ever GIS dataset.
  • Initial field work to target Vieux Comptoir granite and pegmatite intrusives.
  • Exploration results expected in July.
  • Updated NI 43-101 Report expected in August.

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